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Travel Time

The best journey times

Normally at the Parks there are two Rain seasons, a short on at November or December, and a heavier on in April and May.

The warmest month are January and February, the coolest month are
July and August.

At the highlands of Kenya it could get could at nights.
Nairobi/ Lewa, Mount Kenya, Aberdare, Samburu, Shaba, Laikipia, Meru
A lot of Camps and Lodges at the northern part of Kenya are closed in April and May, some also in November.

The Temperatures at the coast lies between 22 and 32 degrees.
The Temperature of the ocean is nearly constant 26 degrees.
The middle Air humidity is about 65%.


Is it worth to go to a safari during the raining time?

A safari during the rain time does not fall „into the water". Rather Kenya presents itself during the rain time from its most beautiful side. Under the humidity the Vegetation seems to explore formally.


Orange:=Mombasa / Green:=Masai Mara