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Namibia Adventure Lodge Safari

Namibia Adventure Lodge Safari

12 Days / 11 Nights from / to Windhoek - Lodge Safari

Accommodation: Hotel-Pension (P), Lodge (L), Guest Farm (G), Tented Camp = big house tents with proper beds & en-suite bathroom (T)

Meals: 12x F = full breakfast, 8x M = outdoor lunch break, 3x D = dinner, excluding drinks. Where no meals are advertised, there is a restaurant /shop. On request, your tour guide a packed lunch service on demand (not included) at the respective lodges.

Detailed tour description: Namibia Adventure Lodge Safari

Namibia Kaokoland Safari Adventure Lodge & West Etosha National Park

The Kaokoland and Damaraland are among the least explored regions of Namibia. The lack of infrastructure and the sparse settlement ensure plenty of room for an intact animal and plant life, including the rare black rhino and desert elephants. In these areas, the semi-nomads of Ovahimbas live a largely traditional way of life. Since the Kaokoland has been exposed in the last 100 years hardly external influences, they could preserve their old habit of living up to the present time.

Parts of this interesting area can be visited without sacrificing comfort. At appropriate places, the journey is repeatedly broken up by one-to two-hour hikes, because who wants to experience nature, should also move in her. The accommodation of this safari is carefully selected and emphasizes the experiential character of an African safari. Our 4x4 vehicles are well equipped with coolers, extra water and fuel tanks, as well as tables & chairs for a rich snack in the great outdoors.

Highlights Namibia 4x4: Namibia Adventure Lodge Safari

Windhoek city tour - Erongo Mountains - Petrified Forest - Twyfelfontein rock paintings - Burnt Mountain - organ pipes - traditional Damaradorf - Ongongo cases - Fort Sesfontein - Hoanib desert elephants + rhino / Hike - Epupa Falls / Hike - traditional Ovahimba village - Cheetah Project - West Etosha - Etosha National Park (Okaukuejo ) - Water mountain National Park - Windhoek

Detailed tour description: Namibia Adventure Lodge Safari

Day 1: Until noon pick up from Windhoek airport. In earlier arrival by Air Namibia we stop on the way to Windhoek only on a game farm for brunch. On these site large herds of springbok, wildebeest, Lesbos and ostriches are seen. Upon arrival in the morning with other airlines, we go straight on to Windhoek. In the afternoon we get the capital to know better. In the evening we stop at a quaint, Namibian Steakhouse. Then we fall into the nice house in the springs. F (P) (50 km)

Day 2: The first stage leads to the north. In Okahandja we visit the woodcarvers market offering on the local craftsmen their works of art. In the near Omaruru we're looking at an excellent guest farm in the Erongo Mountains. Here you can take lovely walks. F / M (G) (250 km)

Day 3: On our way to the north-west we reach the Damaraland. The numerous rock paintings and engravings at Twyfelfontein are to be visited in a one-to two-hour walking tour. Here is Africa's largest collection of rock engravings with over 2000 illustrations (UNESCO World Heritage). In the same area we also find the "Burnt Mountain" and the "organ pipes" (basaltcolumns). We visit a traditional Damaradorf and will show us how tanned skins and spear tips are produced which plants are edible and how fire is lit with fire sticks. The visit ends with singing and dancing. We spend the night near Twyfelfontein in a desert camp. The chalets consist of large safari tents equipped with beds, tables and chairs and en-suite bathroom. F/ M (T) (220 km)

Day 4: In a morning, about a half-hour stalking we can enjoy the scenery and watch the game. Around noon we turn one on a side road and work our way up to the waterfall Ongongo who has washed a romantically situated rock pools. This natural pool is (do not forget swimwear / suit!) Is a great spot for swimming. On our way further north we soon reach Fort Sesfontein. Previously, the fort was the last item of the Security Group at the northern border of the Kaokoland. A few years ago was built on the old foundations and after the then plans the fortification again and now serves as our exquisite lodge and accommodation for the next two nights. From here we will take the next day our trip to the desert elephants. F / M (L) (200 km)

Day 5: In Sesfontein ends what is usually in this country referred to as "street" and now start the wheel tracks. We will drive in the riverbed of Ganamub so long to the southwest until we encounter the Hoanib. This dry area is not only rich in wildlife, but also on sandy passages. Large herds of various antelope species are found here, as well as giraffe, leopard, the rare black rhino and desert elephant ... one of the last paradises animals. We will be out all day on a game drive and return only in the evening after Sesfontein back. F / M (L) (200 km)

Day 6: We leave Sesfontein and control the further north to Opuwo. The landscape is very mountainous, mesas and mountains cone alternate, where the colors of the rocks vary. The town of Opuwo is a melting pot of cultures. Herero, Ovambo, Damara, Himba ... here they are to find any, so we will take time for a city tour. At the Kunene River, we find near the waterfalls a very nicely located, comfortable camp. With a roar overthrow the waters of the Kunene 50m in depth. At this wonderful cookies we stay for two nights in large safari tents with en-suite bathroom. F / M / A (T) (330 miles)

Day 7: In the morning, we equip a Himba village a visit. It is interesting to get an idea of the lifestyle of this still very attentive to tradition tribe. In the late afternoon we climb a nearby hill, from which you have an incredible view of the entire width of the falls. F / A (D)

Day 8: We find it always hard to leave this paradise place. From Opuwo we have a good track that brings us quickly to the level of the Etosha National Park. On the western border of the National Park, just outside of Kamanjab is our lodge, which actively committed to a cheetah project. F / M (L) (450km)

Day 9: We will get through the Otjievasondu gateway to the Etosha Pan. This western part of the Etosha National Park is about to happen only with a special permit and therefore taboo for most Etoscha visitors. It's nice that a see a lot of animals, but no other vehicles with visitors encountered at the water points. So you can quietly watch the game. In the afternoon we reach the camp Okaukuejo, on which we spend the lunch break and go to the pool. Then it's back on a game drive. In the late afternoon we leave the national park into a lodge just to stay outside the park boundary. F / M (L) (280 km)

Note: Since March 2014, the western part of the Etosha National Park is open to the public.

Day 10: For today, another trip to the Etosha National Park is planned. The morning and afternoon are the best times for game drives, because at this time the game is active. In the afternoon hours, the animals rest in the shade and are therefore difficult to see. Therefore, we will keep to this time also siesta in the shade by the pool of Okaukuejo. Just in time for sunset, we are back to our lodge. F (L) (150 km)

Day 11: Today's route takes us south via Outjo and Otjiwarongo to the Water mountain National Park. At lunchtime we reach a guest farm below the plateau. Here you can take beautiful walks and the other afternoon is at leisure. F / A (L) (340 km)

Day 12: Accompanied by an old Herero, who passes on his traditional knowledge of plants and animal tracks to us, we take a 3 hour botany hike on this, for the public locked, unique plateau - it's worth, because the outlook is indescribable! We reach Windhoek in the late afternoon and a return flight in the evening would be possible. F / M (280 km)

This route is not fixed rigidly, but we should respect the pre-booked accommodation. We will still try to make your holiday spontaneous and flexible. Deviations from this itinerary we reserve the right.

We hope that the journey will be as you have always wanted and maybe you're got the taste and want to learn more about Namibia. We would be delighted if you would travel on one of our other adventure and expedition tour.

For constructive criticism and practical suggestions we always have an openear.

Price per Person: ab EUR 2.899,-
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